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Logistics Center Bålsta

Net zero lifetime emissions - isolated by 6500 m3 Ekolution hemp fiber insulation

Hemp fibre insulation from Ekolution is a key component of the first Earth Shot project in Bålsta. They are exploring ways to lower the carbon footprint of the built environment.

Project Summary

Volume hemp insulation
6500 m3
50 hectares
From seed to insulation
100 days
Net CO2 EQ
- 450 tons of binding
Gross CO2 EQ
- 510 tons of binding
12 tons of hemp
Hemp fiber
3.6 tons
Exterior wall 220mm

Ceiling 300 mm (195+105)
The project develops buildings with three ambitions in focus:
1. Net Zero Embedded Carbon Dioxide
2. Net Zero Operational Carbon Dioxide
3. Net zero added expense

Climate saving compared to conventional prefab elements.

With Ecolution's prefabricated ceiling and wall elements, the projects can achieve significant greenhouse gas savings. The Bålsta project achieved savings equivalent to approximately 2,700 tonnes kg of CO2 eq.
Ceiling element
Wall elements
Men's 16,000m2

Custom prefab elements 
to reduce the amount of waste

Total spill equals 0% at 6500 m3 insulation. Dimensions of the insulation were adjusted according to the size of the prefab elements.
645 mm
645 mm

The right dimensions for your project

Ekolution can produce special dimensions for larger projects (min quantity 80 m3)
Heat capacity
Phase Shift
0.145 W/(m2 (K)
30 kJ/(m2 (K)
Low moisture risk - Investigation and simulations made together with moisture experts with experience in prefabricated lightweight wood elements at WSP and Fuktanalys AB.

Embedded carbon dioxide

Selected organic materials are used to reduce the embedded carbon dioxide. For walls and ceilings, usually made of steel with a high proportion of newly manufactured and fossil-based stone wool, wood is used instead for the frame and facade and insulation from Ekolution.

CO2 emissions from operations

Logistics facilities draw a lot of energy. To reduce carbon dioxide emissions from operations, a geothermal heat pump and solar panels are installed on the roof. The plant is also being prepared for the installation of a local energy system, battery storage, to regulate demand peaks from equipment and vehicles.

No additional cost

We are convinced that it is possible to reduce carbon emissions, but it is a little more difficult to do this at no additional cost today. When carbon-friendly materials and technologies reach a larger scale, they do not come with an additional cost.

Products used

Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600

Ekolution solves challenges related to sustainability, energy efficiency and carbon emissions in
construction and real estate industry.

Our concept creates an opportunity for Swedish real estate companies to further develop and streamline their sustainability work with the aim of climate neutrality and in the long term also become climate positive.

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