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MKB Fendomets AB builds Sweden's first large apartment building with climate-neutral hemp fiber insulation

Kv Badskon is located in a completely new area with a strong focus on environmental and social sustainability, there are plenty of meeting places that inspire exercise, play, cultivation and community for people of all ages.

MKB Fäftets has also designed the project with Ekolution's hemp fiber insulation in an effort to reduce the building's climate footprint. EIA also participates in the industry initiative LFM30, which aims to achieve a climate-neutral construction sector in Malmö by 2030.

Project Summary

Volume hemp insulation
Men's 250 m! 3
2.4 hectares
From seed to insulation
100 days
Net CO! 2
-16 tons binding
Gross CO! 2
-18.3 tons binding
24.5 tons of hemp
Hemp fiber
7.4 tons
Exterior walls insulated with 170+45 Ekolution hemp fiber insulation
MKB Real Estate AB

Climate thinking already at the construction stage

In the Badskon project in Hyllie, EIA will build 40 rental homes with unique climate-neutral insulation made of hemp fiber. By replacing a single product, the climate impact of the entire project is reduced by up to five percent.
EIA will use hemp fiber insulation that has about two-thirds less emissions than traditional insulation, while also sequestering much more carbon than it emits, making it climate-neutral.
All houses are eco-labelled with the Swan Ecolabel and offer a healthy and sustainable living environment with good operating economy.

Products used

Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600
Hemp Insulation C600

Ekolution solves challenges related to sustainability, energy efficiency and carbon emissions in
construction and real estate industry.

Our concept creates an opportunity for Swedish real estate companies to further develop and streamline their sustainability work with the aim of climate neutrality and in the long term also become climate positive.

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