Raw material

Hemp shives

A useful by-product of industrial hemp cultivation

Insulation material
Hemp stalks can be used as excellent natural insulation material. When mixed with lime, they create a material called hemp concrete, which provides both thermal and acoustic insulation in construction.
Resistance to fire
Hemp concrete, made from hemp stalks, exhibits good properties against fire. It is not flammable and can even contribute to the fire safety of various building applications.
Hemp stalks are lightweight, making them easy to handle and transport. This is beneficial in the construction sector, especially in reducing the overall weight of building materials.
Low environmental impact
Growing hemp requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers compared to some other crops, reducing environmental impact. In addition, hemp cultivation can improve soil health.
Sustainable building material
Hemp stalks are considered a sustainable building material because hemp is a fast-growing crop with minimal environmental impact. The use of hemp in the construction industry promotes environmentally friendly and sustainable building practices.
Carbon dioxide sequestration
Hemp plants absorb and bind carbon dioxide during their growth. When hemp stalks are used in building materials such as hemp concrete, they continue to store carbon, which contributes to carbon sequestration and reduces the overall carbon footprint of the construction sector.
Hemp stalks are biodegradable and break down naturally over time. This property makes them an environmentally friendly alternative to some synthetic building materials.
Renewable resource
Hemp is a renewable resource that can be grown relatively quickly and offers a sustainable source of raw material for the production of hemp stalks.
Moisture regulating
Hemp has natural hygroscopic properties, which means it can absorb and release moisture. It can contribute to a healthy indoor environment by helping regulate humidity.
Versatility in the construction sector
Hemp stalks can be used in a variety of construction applications, including insulation of walls, floors, and ceilings. Their versatility makes them suitable for different building designs and styles.

Animal bedding

Absorption capacity
Shives have a high absorbency, which means it can effectively absorb and bind moisture. It helps keep the horse's stable dry and fresh.
Hemp is a sustainable and fast-growing crop, making shives an environmentally friendly choice for stable bedding. Its cultivation typically requires fewer chemicals and water compared to some other bedding materials.
Comfort for the horses
Shives provides a soft and comfortable surface for the horses to rest on. Its natural springy properties can help reduce pressure on the horse's joints.
Reduced swelling and irritation
Shives can help reduce swelling and irritation on the horse's legs and hooves because it provides a soft and shock-absorbing surface.
Odor control
Shives have natural properties that help control bad odors. It absorbs and neutralizes ammonia, resulting in a less intrusive odor in the stall.
Less maintenance
Shives typically requires less frequent replacement and a smaller amount of material compared to some other bedding materials. This can reduce the workload of the stable staff.
Environmentally friendly option
As a biodegradable material, shives are an environmentally friendly alternative. It breaks down naturally over time and can be used as a fertilizer for plants.
Fewer allergic reactions
Because shives produce less dust and is less allergenic than some other bedding materials, it can reduce the risk of allergic reactions in horses and humans in the stable.
Less dust formation
Hemp shives usually produces less dust compared to some other bedding materials. This is beneficial for horses and people staying in the stable, especially to reduce the risks of respiratory problems.
Natural anti-slip
Hemp is a renewable resource that can be grown relatively quickly and offers a sustainable source of raw material for the production of hemp stalks.
Specification of animal beddding
Regular length
3-25mm range
Within the range of ordinary length
+/- 110kg /m! 3
Pond level
< 3%
Fiber volume
< 15%
Hemp wood in bright colors
10% (+/- 2)
Free (0%) of foreign matter or liquids
Packaging Form
Plastic bales
Bale weight
Prom size
80x40x32 cm
Per pallet
18 or 21 pcs
Pallets per truck
33-38 pallet
Dry and closed layer
Storage period
12-18 months
Safety Instructions
Keep away from fire

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