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In addition to the construction industry, industrial hemp has a variety of uses.
Here are several application areas to be inspired by.

Automotive industry

Hemp fiber can be used in the manufacture of automotive components, especially in the interiors of vehicles such as door panels, dashboards, and seats.

Textile industry

Hemp is used to produce textile materials for clothing, shoes and accessories. Hemp clothing is known for its durability and breathability.

Furniture industry

Hemp can be used both for upholstery fabrics and filling materials. It can also be processed into a wood-like mass to create light and strong furniture.

Paper and packaging industry

Hemp fiber paper and packaging materials can be a more sustainable alternative to traditional paper products.


Hemp fiber is used as a reinforcing material in biocomposites. They can be used in the manufacture of various products such as building and construction materials.

Energy and fuels

Hemp can be used to produce biodiesel and other biofuels. In addition, hemp can be used to create pellets for energy production.

Environmental rehabilitation

Hemp's rapid growth and deep root system make it useful for environmental rehabilitation. It can both reduce soil erosion and improve soil quality.

Technical materials

Hemp fiber is used in the manufacture of engineering materials such as ropes and laces. Hemp's durability and rigor make it useful in various engineering applications.

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